What does the Green Party Stand For?

The Green Party is organized around Four Pillars – Grassroots Democracy, Peace, Social Justice, and Ecological Wisdom. These basic moral and political understandings are the foundation of our platform and actions. They are simple ideas!

Grassroots Democracy – The world is a better place when power is shared among more people! We call for more political participation, getting money out of politics, worker cooperatives, and ending gerrymandering. These would all broaden the base of power in America.

Peace – While we are not Pacifists, we believe strongly that our foreign policy should not be based on endless, pointless wars. Often, violence we commit overseas comes back to haunt us. We need to bring our troops home and address gun violence domestically.

Social Justice РWe believe that everyone should have a basic standard of living from which they can prosper. This means universal healthcare and universal higher education. We  believe in racial and gender equality.

Ecological Wisdom – Our Environment is the basis for our survival. We need to protect it if we want to live. We oppose fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines and instead work to transition our economy to stable, renewable energy jobs.

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